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About LenYa Jewelry

Manufacturer and exporter of diamond and gemstone jewelry, with a collection that is distinguished by unique designs. We also have fashion jewelry featuring Cubic Zirconia and SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA.

LenYa Jewelry Products 

The quality of our products is guaranteed. We have earned the trust of discerning buyers in both Europe and the United States. We are sure to offer a selection to delight you, and at the most reasonable prices.

Lenya Jewelry offers only the highest-grade gemstones. Each is cut and polished  with precision by skilled and experienced experts. Every step, from rough stone to breath-taking treasure, is taken with great care, so you can be assured of only the highest quality. At LenYa jewelry we specialize in gems of great beauty that last forever.

LenYa Jewelry LenYa Jewelry


  • Lenya Jewelry has been selected for an Asean Showcase and Business Matching Project in Tokyo, under the cooperative framework of the Asean - Japan Centre (AJC)"
  • Lenya Jewelry has received a Product Champion Award from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. As well, Lenya Jewelry has been confirmed as an exhibitor at the upcoming 54th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair
  • Thaitrade.com awarded Lenya the title “Smart Online Exporter, 2013”. 


Lenya Jewelry guaranteed product quality of their membership of jewelry.

  • Member of Thai Gem And Jewelry Traders Association
  • Member of  Thai Silver Exporters Association