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Using Account

Account Overview

Gives you your email, Name, Shipping address and Billing address. You can add shipping and billing addresses from this section itself.

Change Password

Change your password using the forms provided. Please note that your new password will be emailed to you.

Change Email

You can change the default email address to which you will receive all the important notifications and emails. Please note that you will have to login using the new username that you enter here.

Change Your Name

Change your name using the forms provided.


See a list of all the orders that you have made and their status. You can also click “view” in front of the order ID to see the products that you have ordered.

Saved For Later

View all the items that you added to your Saved Items here. The wish list makes it easier for you to manage items that you intend to buy on a future date. This will save you the trouble of searching for them again once you have decided to buy them.

You can either buy the item(s) added here by simply clicking “Add to Cart” or if you do not wish to purchase the products, remove them from your Wish list by clicking “Remove Item” below the product.

Email Setting

Displays your current registered email Id with us. You can also toggle “Yes, send me news and offers” in order to receive or stop receiving emails from us.

Contact History

Shows you the mails that you have sent us and our responses to them. Having these in one place will make it easier for you to keep track of important communication.


Find a list of Frequently Asked Questions which can aid you in both searching for jewelry and also using our system. If you have any inquiries, we recommend that you use this section first, if none of the questions fit the nature of your inquiry, you can contact us and let us help you with your issue.