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Why Should I be Buying From You

Lenya Online Jewelry Store was founded with the purpose of introducing the beautiful Jewelry from Thailand to the rest of the world. Not only do we offer the most stunning pieces of jewelry available but they are also very competitively priced. Our motivation is to provide you with the best quality work at the most cost effective prices.

Can I make my own ring

At the present moment we do not offer custom made designs. However this has been planned and if you are interested then you can subscribe to our mailing list so that you are updated the moment we have this feature available.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Ring

For security reasons we deliver the order exactly to the address that you provide us with. We also strongly recommend that you do not allow other people to pick up expensive jewelry on your behalf. Jewelry being an expensive commodity is to be dealt with very cautiously.

Do you do Gift Packaging

We will gladly package a Gift Item for you! You may select the kind of gift packaging that you want when you are selecting the item.

LenYa’s Discount Coupons

From time to time we offer discount coupons which you can redeem when you make your next purchase. Each coupon will have an expiry date within which it must be used and will offer you a percentage off on the final price of your purchase.

You can also invite your friends over to Lenya’s Online Jewelry Store to get a 15% Discount on your next purchase! This is a limited time offer only and will be discontinue soon.

You can keep tab on all our on-going and soon to come promotions by checking the emails that you will be receiving from us.